Starting Line Academy for Sports Excellence is very unique in the sense that we not only master in imparting Behavioural Skills, but also give equal importance to sharpen your Mental Skills, and look to build you as a thoroughbred in all aspects.

This we achieve by helping you build your ability to create strategies, formulate winning game plans, enhance your emotional intelligence and adopt healthy behavioural skills.

With vast experience in the international and national cricketing scene, our methodologies and strategies to bring out the best in you is 100% proven.   You will be empowered to take your game up to the next level !


Training Schools

We help schools in identifying and nurturing their best talent. Irrespective of which syllabus your school follows, Starting Line Sports is committed to running a comprehensive & holistic program. We focus on age specific training structure that will keep in mind a child’s stages of cognitive and emotional development. We provide the best platform for your students to excel in sports and more importantly inspire them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Training Corporates

Having corporate sports teams is not something new. There are many corporates that compete with other such teams, but the biggest challenge is that they may not have a proper structure to identify talent within their organisation, get them to a proper practice routine and eventually engage them in corporate and inter-corporate competitions. That’s where we can help you.


Training Communities

If you’re heading the association of any large gated community, this can be a huge value-add by which you can unite the entire community through sports. A large residential community with many children (and parents) interested in sports can take advantage of our comprehensive sports program right at your door step. Kids can get to the academy a jiffy without having to navigate through maddening traffic. Starting Line Sports, will not only train the best talent, but also setup competitions and community building activities based around sorts.

Integrated High Performance programs