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Are you passionate about cricket?

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Why not become a Certified Cricket Coach offered by Starting Line Cricket Academy?

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26th and 27th of March

By going through our proven coach certification program, you will not only gain all the skills required to be a professional cricket coach, but will also have multiple opportunities to train and bring out the best cricketing talent in your city.

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Coach Certification Program‘ on

26th & 27th of March

Are you already a Sports Coach and wish to become more effective? We at Starting Line offer you a Unique program (In line with any of the other current National And International Coach Certification Programs) which teaches you all the required skills and competencies to become an Effective/Winning Cricket Coach.

We teach you the necessary skills such as:
  1. The Coaching Philosophy, the coaching process and the Roles of a Coach.
  2. The Laws of Cricket and the Spirit of the Game.
  3. Training Methodology.
  4. Warm-up, stretching and warm down procedures.
  5. Safety procedures and First Aid for cricket related injuries.
  6. Basic and enhanced cricket skills.
  7. Game-based learning and skill development.
Starting Line Cricket Academy’s Coaching Certification is unique because, along with the necessary skills, the program also trains you in soft skills such as:
  1. How to Build your Credibility and Trust.
  2. How to improve your Listening Skills as well as Questioning Skills.
  3. How you can identify the different Player personality types and learn to modify your coaching styles to match each different personality types.
  4. How to provide effective Feedback to your students that will enhance their learning.
  5. How to conduct effective team meetings.
  6. Learn to teach the Basic Mental Game Skills.
  7. Learn how to plan an effective practice session.
  8. How to create an enjoyable atmosphere for playing cricket.

The Top 5 Ranked Coaches after the Completion of the Certification will be absorbed as ‘Certified Starting Line Coaches’ into any of our various Coaching Programs. 

Since we are constantly connecting with schools, corporates as well as gated communities across the country, you can be sure that by going through our coach certification program you will have a constant stream of assignments coming your way, which you can take on based on your availability and time commitment level.

Want to become a certified cricket coach with Starting Line?