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OUR Programs for Mental Toughness

Starting Line Sports Education for Excellence provides programs for building mental toughness and resilience to perform under pressure. With vast experience in the International and National cricketing scene, our methodologies and strategies to bring out the best in you is 100% proven. You will be empowered to take your game up to the next level !

Event Management

The whole purpose of sports psychology coaching is to showcase your skills and perform to your potential in competition. That’s where we come in at Starting Line Sports. We not only have a robust training system, but we also have vast experience in organising end-to-end sports events for all categories of sports lovers.

Coach Education

Sujith Somasundar, currently a Research Scholar and pursuing his PhD in Sports Psychology, has developed highly effective Coach Education Curriculum,which is offered in our proven Coach Certification programs. Here you will not only gain all the skills required to be a professional sports coach, but will also have multiple opportunities to train and bring out the best talent in your city.

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